Colbert: NY Post Doesn't Let 'Lack of Facts' Get in the Way of Reporting Them

Colbert ripped into the Post's misinformation reporting.

Last night on the Colbert Report, Stephen Colbert mocked the New York Post's failure to deliver to readers any significant truth in their coverage of the Boston bombing. Holding a copy of the Post picturing the wrong 'suspects' on the front page, Colbert noted the lack of concrete of information following the attack. "Luckily there is one news outlet that doesn't let lack of facts get in the way of reporting them. Of course, that's the New York Post,"he joked. 

"While you're on the lookout for these guys, keep in mind, these are not the guys," he later said of the two men the Post falsely -- and very publicly -- accused, "Turns out, it was these other guys." 

"Anyone can print accurate information," said Colbert, "but the Post always follows the four Ws of journalism -- Who, Whatever and Why Wait."

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