CNN Segment Goes Off the Rails After GOP Strategist Rick Wilson Calls Trump 'A Serial, Constant, Helpless Liar'

Ben Ferguson and Rick Wilson tore into each other over the state of the Republican Party.

GOP Strategist Rick Wilson and Ben Ferguson

A CNN debate about whether the Republican Party has become the cult of President Donald Trump went completely off the rails Wednesday as conservative commentators Rick Wilson and Ben Ferguson clashed.

Wilson started by defending remarks from Sen. Bob Corker (R-TN), who said Wednesday that Republicans are behaving like they're in a cult around Trump. Wilson argued that "cult" was probably not even a strong enough word, as party members feel obliged not to actually challenge the president on anything, even when he is blatantly lying.

But then Ben Ferguson, a Trump supporter, took over, and things went completely downhill. He unleashed a torrent of banal pro-Trump talking points about how Trump "draining the swamp" and taking on the establishment. Ferguson pointed out — correctly — that Corker isn't running again in 2018 because he knows he has no chance of winning, but he failed to explain how that had anything to do with the Republican Party's embarrassing obedience to Trump.

Host Brooke Baldwin tried to get the discussion back on track, but it just devolved further.

"Post-truth America is led by Donald Trump," Wilson said. "So the question of when someone becomes a truth-teller isn't relevant about Bob Corker. It is relevant that Donald Trump is a lying liar —"

"You can't call someone else a liar when you lie to your own constituents and it costs you your job!" Ferguson interjected.

"The hell I can't Ben! The hell I can't!" Wilson shot back.

"Well, that's just not using logic," Ferguson said, revealing he has no idea what logic actually is.

The final few minutes of the debate become virtually unintelligible, as Ferguson refuses to let Wilson make a point without interrupting and Ferguson, in response, refuses to stop talking. Even though it was a huge mess, It perfectly encapsulated the state of American political discourse.

Watch the clip below:

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Cody Fenwick is a reporter and editor. Follow him on Twitter @codytfenwick.