CNN Anchor Suggests Use Of Water Cannons Against Protesters In Ferguson

Clearly, Rosemary Church of CNN doesn't have a grasp of U.S. history and it showed during this morning's broadcast.

The use of tear gas and stun grenades against protesters in Ferguson, Mo., has evoked shock and anger from people who believe police are mishandling the situation.

Perhaps in an attempt to offer a "better" alternative to the aforementioned police tactics, international anchor Rosemary Church asked why water cannons weren't being used to quell unruly protests. It was an epic fail.

"We're being seen and watched by people globally now," she said. "Talk to us about what police are saying to you. Why are they using this strategy? Why is the use of tear gas, stun grenades. Why not, perhaps, use water cannons. At least it's not going to have the same sort of effect."

Her co-host Errol Barrett, after processing what Church had said, gave her the most wicked side-eye ever. And it didn't take long for Twitter to tear into her, either:

1. This user posted Civil Rights-era photos of black protesters being hosed down during a protest.


2. Another user pointed out that water cannons don't have a high success rate.

3. But one person suggested that Church did realize what she said.

4. One person nailed home the point that it's just not a good option.

5. Then you have this user who suggests this may be a big misunderstading, citing what appears to be a screenshot from an older post from Rosemary Church's Facebook page.

In any case, Church is the talk of Twitter today for all of the wrong reasons. Watch the clip of her water cannon suggestion here:

Terrell Jermaine Starr is a senior editor at AlterNet. Follow him on Twitter @Russian_Starr.

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