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Watch: Stephen Colbert and Julian Bond Make Mincemeat Out of Scalia

Civil Rights leader Julian Bond joins Colbert to tease out the absurd rhetoric against the Voting Rights Act.

On last night’s Report, Stephen Colbert talked voting rights with civil rights leader Julian Bond. At issue was the Supreme Court review of section 5 of the Voting Rights Act, which requires states with histories of racial discrimination to submit any voting rule changes for review first.

Colbert and Bond teased out Shelby County’s appeal to some mythical, post-racial America as evidence of the Voting Rights Act’s unconstitutionality.

“Now that racial discrimination is over, what do you plan to do with your free time?” Colbert asked the civil rights legend. To which, Bond corrected, saying he “doesn’t believe racial discrimination is over.”

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The two also eviscerated the folly of pointing to Barack Obama as proof of the end of racism.

“When the black president was president, racism got worst?” Colbert mused, “How is that possible? He’s black.”

Colbert and Bond also took on the coded racism remarked by Justice Antonin Scalia, who Bond calls “the Rush Limbaugh of the Supreme Court.” Replying to the Justice’s invocation of “racial entitlements” Bond says, ““It’s not an entitlement to be able to vote without discrimination. That’s something all Americans expect to have."


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