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UC Davis "Pepper Spray Cop" Seeks Worker's Comp for Psychiatric Injury

The infamous campus cop claims to have suffered psychiatric injuries from his pepper-spraying of peaceful protesters.

Former UC Davis police officer and notorious "pepper spray cop" John Pike is seeking worker's compensation for "psychiatric injuries" he claims to have sustained while nonchalantly shooting the chemical weapon directly into the faces of seated, peaceful protesters in November 2011. Pike's claim is scheduled for a mandatory settlement hearing on August 13th, which could lead to trial or another hearing, The Enterprise reported

A local attorney who has supported Occupy UC Davis, Bernie Goldsmith, told The Enterprise a protest will probably be held outside the court. "In an ideal democracy, violent suppressors of political speech are jailed and not rewarded," Goldsmith  told the Enterprise. "This sends a message that acts of violent political repression can be both insulated from real criminal prosecution and rewarded."

Pike, who earned a $121,680 annual salary as a police lieutenant,  spent eight months on paid leave after his pepper-spraying caused outrage on the campus and beyond, ultimately resulting in his termination on July 31st of last year. 

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