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The Shockingly Stupid Video that Pro-Gun Group Open Carry Texas Does Not Want You to See

Neither food, nor children are more important to these men than their assault rifles.

Photo Credit: screenshot via youtube

At first, Open Carry Texas, a group of brazen, assault-rifle-carrying gun nuts, thought it would be fun to videotape their experiences walking into restaurants like Chili's and Sonic in San Antonio fully armed, and then posting the encounters on youtube. They intended to stage a number of these demonstrations at area restaurants.

After being refused service and asked to leave Sonic, and perhaps realizing that this was an idiotic idea, especially after yet another horrific mass shooting made the news, the group took the videos off its YouTube account.

Mother Jones, however, got ahold of some of these the videos of these dangerous, sick losers, and reposted it. It's embedded below for your viewing.

Some highlights: 

One rifle-carrying gun-nut accompanied by his toddler explains to his daughter that they are leaving the restaurant because it's "not safe to be here," if guns are not allowed.

In one of the videos, a woman confronts the group and videotapes their faces: "There are children here," she says. "And you're a dumbass."

"I'm a dumbass," one dumbass agrees.

"Me too," another one chimes in.


When they are told they won't be served unless they leave their guns outside, they decide to cancel the order.

As they are leaving, one gun-nut says, "Man, I feel like I can't do anything."

Watch and wonder:


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