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Radio: AlterNet's Adele Stan Debates Salon's David Sirota on Rand Paul, Drones and Mansplaining

In a spirited debate on SiriusXM's 'Make It Plain', Sirota deigned to explain to Stan what she really meant.

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If you've been following the weeklong flame-war between Adele Stan, AlterNet's Washington bureau chief, and Salon columnist David Sirota, you know that Sirota responded to Stan's blog post on the Rand Paul filibuster with an attack on Stan based on an apparently intentional misreading of her piece. (Stan calls it the straw-woman strategy.) Stan responded with an AlterNet essay, Bro-gressive Values Revealed: Attacking the Messenger by Any Means Necessary, in which she addressed the fan-boy culture on the left in which, she says, figures like Sirota move.

In their debate last night moderated by Mark Thompson, host of SiriusXM's 'Make it Plain' (6 p.m. ET, Sirius Channel 127), Sirota continued along those lines, leading Stan to say, "Unbelievable. He's mansplaining to me what [he says] I actually meant."

During and after the debate, sparring continued between Sirota and those who support Stan's position that it's bad form to lionize a politician with the racist and misogynist record of Rand Paul, including an epic go-round between Sirota and GoldieTaylor.

You can hear the Stan/Sirota smackdown here.

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