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While North Carolina Invites Guns to Bars and Playgrounds, Proposed Voting Restrictions Target Minorities

The state's far-right legislature continues its radical agenda.

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The North Carlina legislature is close to making it legal to carry a gun almost anywhere, including in bars and restaurants. The GOP-backed bill passed by the House and Senate Tuesday allows concealed carry where alcohol is served (unless the establishment decides to prohibit it), as well as on playgrounds. Public schools and universities are also gun-friendly, so long as the weapon is locked in a parked car.  Even funeral processions are fair game for concealed carry under the new legislation, which now awaits Governor Pat McCroy's signature. 

In other North Carolina news, the state is considering a bill that would seriously restrict voting rights for minorities and the poor. According to Raw Story:

The bill, which was passed by the state Senate rules committee on Tuesday, would cut the early voting period by a week while also eliminating same-day voter registration and state voter registration drives, while not allowing 17-year-olds to register in advance of their 18th birthday. Student or local government identifications would not be accepted at the polls, and “poll observer” groups could have more latitude to challenge voters’ legitimacy, since they would only have to be registered in the same county as their targets and not the same precinct.

It would also raise the maximum individual campaign contribution from $4,000 to $5,000. 

Despite all the bad news, at least North Carolina legislators' priorities are clear. 

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