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Watch: John Oliver Mocks Apple's Mystique With Perfect Ad

The late-night comedian points out that we're barely ahead of hackers.

John Oliver isn’t buying the month-long battle the government has had with tech giant Apple. If the government really wants to hack into the phone, they should just get out of the '90s to up their technical literacy. 

“The government’s faith in Apple’s magic powers is the company’s own fault,” John Oliver, host of "Last Week Tonight," claimed, adding that it’s simply the advertising that gives the company its elusive image. “After all, their ads have linked them to Einstein and Gandhi and they sell the most mundane aspects of their products as world changers. [But] beneath their shiny, rose-gold surface, they, like any other software company, are incredible susceptible to hackers, who are constantly finding flaws in their security features.”

In fact, right now, you can buy an IP-Box on eBay that can hack into an iPhone running IOS 8 or lower. And there’s nearly 1,000 YouTube videos to show you how.

"You just attach a wire to the screen, adjust a few settings, let it cycle through passcodes and eventually, you are in,” Oliver narrated. “Apple understandably does not want us thinking too much about that,” he added, since, “scary security flaws is one of those three-word phrases they absolutely hate to be associated with, like corporate tax avoidance or factory suicide nets”—all of which you can find out about if you search for yourself.

Watch: Encryption, on "Last Week Tonight" with John Oliver:

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Alexandra Rosenmann is an AlterNet associate editor. Follow her @alexpreditor.

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