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Cops Shoot Dog After Arresting Owner for Filming Police

A crime scene in Hawthorne, California ended with a dead dog.

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A video aired on KTLA shows police in Hawthorne, California shooting and killing a dog after arresting a man who was filming them. According to police, the dog's owner, Leon Rosby, was allegedly interfering with the crime scene and blasting music after police asked him to stop. The video does not show the altercation police say led to Rosby's arrest. In video footage that is available, Rosby does not appear to be disrupting the crime scene, only filming it. Rosby put his dog in a car before he was arrested. After Rosby was handcuffed, however, his dog jumped out of the car window and approached the police officers, who shot and killed the dog.

 Is this an unfortunate incident, or should police officers have behaved differently? Watch the video and let us know what you think. (Warning: video is graphic.)


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