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Cops Find Elliot Rodger 'Polite' But Body Slam this Black, Woman Professor in Jay-walking Stop (VIDEO)

Now, she is charged with felony assault.

Photo Credit: Screenshot via ASUPD Video

A shocking new video has emerged of a disturbing confrontation between an African-American professor at Arizona State Univeristy and a white police officer. Dr. Ersula Ore, a cultural studies professor who teaches race critical theory among other topics, was crossing the street in May when she was confronted by a police officer who demanded to see her I.D.

Dr. Ore tried to explain that construction in the area had made it difficult for her to cross anywhere else. The officer explained that if she did not show him her I.D., he was going to arrest her.

The confrontation—which took place in the middle of the street that Professor Ore was not supposed to be in the middle of, presumably for her own safety—quickly became physical, and not very safe for her. She told the officer she did not appreciate his disrespectful tone. He told her he was going to slam her against the car. It is clear from the shocking video below that Professor Ore was concerned about being forcefully arrested in part because she is wearing a dress, and was worried about being exposed.

The officer finally does slam her to the ground, and according to Ore's attorney, her dress did go up and expose her. Already clearly feeling endangered, and violated, Ore apparently tried to kick the officer's hand away from her body, and ended up striking him in the shin.

Now, she is charged with felony assault. No charges or any disciplinary actions are in store for the officer.


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