The Inspiring Stories of Immigrants Coming to America—Told in 6 Words or Fewer

A new book paints a powerful portrait of who we are as a country, and where we came from.

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Editor's Note: Marrying the acclaimed immigration-themed ABC series Fresh Off the Boat with the New York Times bestselling Six-Word Memoir series by Larry Smith, Kingswell Press has just released Six Words Fresh Off the Boat: Stories of Immigration, Identity, and Coming to America

This crowd-sourced book of immigration stories, each told in just six words, captures hundreds of memoirs on the experience from across America, spanning cultures and generations, to paint a powerful portrait of who we are as a country, and where we came from.

Contributors include refugees (“Refugee went from burkas to bachelors,” “Boat person finds freedom in America”); students (“I only speak Spanish on weekends,” “Hoping my school lunch doesn’t ‘smell’”); armed forces personnel (“Salvadoran immigrant raises US Navy diver,” “Retired Marine, looked upon as outsider”); an astronaut (“From farm worker to NASA astronaut”); an Olympian (“Albanian Olympian flees for America: reborn”); and a Teen Jeopardy winner (“Land of opportunity lets me learn”).

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“The immigration experience is a part of all of our personal history,” says series creator Larry Smith. “From the stories of recent refugees to those who have been in America for generations, the ease and simplicity of sharing six-word stories offers a lens on timely issues of immigration and identity.”

Watch a trailer for the book: