Bill Maher and Real Time Panelists Walk Through the Endgame on Trump's Fascism

‘I don’t see him leaving willingly for any reason'

Bill Maher.
Photo Credit: Screen Capture

Is America headed for fascism?

As Donald Trump attack the impartial investigators who probe his possible illegal activities, the idea has gone from fringe to an essay titled "Will We Stop Trump
Before It’s Too Late?" written by respected former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright and published in theNew York Times.

Bill Maher and a panel took up the topic Friday night.

"Is it fair to say that the only way Trump survives as president is if we become not a nation of laws—in essence, a fascist dictatorship," Maher said. "Who's going to go to knock on that door at the White House and make him go? ...I don't see him leaving, willingly, for any reason."

Trump's reaction to the lawful raid on his lawyer's office showed that he has no respect for the rule of law, Maher said.

"What he said about the raid of Michael Cohen‘s office, he says, ‘It’s an attack against our country,'” Maher said. “We’ve read the list of the many ways in which he is a banana republic dictator. The family who has key jobs, you know, the missile parade, the list goes on… but when the leader says ‘an attack against me is an attack against our country, there’s nothing more fascist than that... What would he be saying about Hitler or Mussolini? 'Strong leaders! Strong leaders!' He would love them.”

Cheeseburgers were offered as one possible way of saving America—namely, Trump's deep affinity for them.

Another panelist, Jason Kander, offered a more practical solution. If Democrats can capture the House of Representatives, they will have a check on Trump's fascist impulses.

"Win the November 2018 elections—that's the answer," he Kander.

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