Priest to Plead Guilty to Selling Crystal Meth

From parish to prison for meth-peddling monsignor.

A former Roman Catholic priest is expected to plead guilty to making more than $300,000 from methamphetamine sales last year, the Associated Press reports.

Authorities say Monsignor Kevin Wallin dealt drugs from his apartment in Waterbury, Connecticut, and got busted after selling crystal meth to an undercover officer six times from September 20 to January 2. Wallin also dealt pornography and sex toys from an adult novelty store he used to launder his drug money.

The disgraced priest is scheduled to appear in federal court next week, where a filing says he’ll plead guilty to conspiracy to possess methamphetamine with intent to distribute.

Monsignor Wallin graced the New York Times’ last month in a profile tracing the priest’s downfall from parish to prison. As AlterNet’s Alex Kane summarized, “Wallin’s case is a story of drug abuse, drug dealing and adult gay sex.”

The Times’ lurid profile, by N. R. Kleinfield, reveals that Monsignor Wallin was once a star personality in the Church, and parishioners “hungrily signed up for his far-flung spiritual pilgrimages, flocked to church fund-raisers to catch his melodious voice interpreting show tunes.

But about two years ago, the priest started raising the eyebrows of his colleagues, appearing “sick” and “absent” from work. Wallin resigned from his work in June 2011, “citing health and personal problems.” Shortly after, church officials discovered Wallin’s personal stash of porn and kinky sex toys in the rectory.

As AP reports that after serving for 9 years as pastor of the Cathedral of St. Augustine in Bridgeport, “He was granted a sabbatical in July 2011. The Diocese of Bridgeport suspended him from public ministry in May 2012.”

A grand jury indicted Wallin and four co-conspirators on January 15. Each faces 10 years to life.

Steven Hsieh is an editorial assistant at AlterNet and writer based in Brooklyn. Follow him on Twitter @stevenjhsieh.