OUTRAGEOUS: Church Blames Mother for Pedophile Priest Molesting Her Two Sons

Church officials say the mother shouldn’t have allowed her kids to spend time alone with the reverend.

Talk about a major abdication of responsibility.  A Minnesota mother says that Catholic Church officials are blaming her for the sexual abuse her sons endured at the hands of their priest, Raw Story reported

In 2012, Rev. Curtis Wehmeyer, a former pastor of Blessed Sacrament Parish in St. Paul, pleaded guilty to abusing the boys aged 12 and 14 as well as possessing pornography.

Wehmeyer had lured the boys into his home in a white camper and given them drugs and alcohol.  He instructed the boys to touch themselves as well as touching the boys on multiple occasions.

Their mother, who has remained anonymous to protect her children, said she never suspected her boys were abused, although they did begin to struggle and school and got into fights.

The family subsequently sued the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis for the abuse.  Earlier this month, Archdiocese lawyers said in court that she should not have allowed her children to spend time alone with Wehmeyer.

“She was aware of the time (her son) spent with Mr. Wehmeyer, and she knew that such interaction was contrary to established Archdiocese policy,” the Archdiocese said in its filing.

The mother slammed the allegations as preposterous and said her life has since has become a war zone.  She says the church has since cut her hours at work and won’t let her use vacation time as well as reneged on its offer to pay for the family’s therapy.

More disturbingly, following the incident, the mother learned Wehmeyer had abused some of her other children which means six of her nine children have now been abused by the priest or another sibling.

It was reported that archdiocese officials knew about Wehmeyer’s “risky sexual behavior” when he was appointed pastor.

“It’s bloodcurdling to me they had the opportunity to stop this man dead in his tracks before he harmed any of my children,” the mother said.  “It nauseates me to go to Mass and hear in the prayers of the faithful they say, ‘Let’s pray for the victims and their families,’ when I’ve got a lien on my taxes because they won’t pay my son’s bill.” 

Jodie Gummow is a senior fellow and staff writer at AlterNet.