Jon Stewart Mocks Pope's Surprise Resignation

Republican White House reject? Jon Stewart and gang suggest the Vatican.

Last night, Jon Stewart and his satirical news team poked fun at the Pope’s surprising resignation.

So, why is Benedict stepping down? Daily Show correspondent Samantha Bee says the Pope did some soul searching after Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te’o’s fake girlfriend scandal: “The Pope is starting to question a long-term relationship with someone he talks to all the time, but has never actually met.”

Speculating on who will take over the papacy, John Oliver floated some familiar names: Romney, Gingrich, Perry and Bachmann. But can any of these have-beens appeal to the broader public? Oliver asks the poignant question, while perfectly capturing the current state of the GOP [and the Vatican]: “What would they know about appealing to a floundering organization, appealing to old white men, clinging to an arcane moral code who must reluctantly embrace change to stay relevant? You’re right, there’s not crossover there at all.” Maybe it’s time for “Pope Rubio,” suggests Oliver.

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