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Melissa Harris-Lacewell, an associate professor of politics and African-American studies at Princeton University, is completing her latest book, Sister Citizen: A Text for Colored Girls Who've Considered Politics When Being Strong Isn't Enough. subscribe to Melissa Harris-Lacewell's feed

Posted on: Jun 10, 2010, Source: The Nation

Why conservatives are shuddering with apocalyptic anxiety about generational trends.

Posted on: May 18, 2010, Source: The Nation

When Obama marked his Census form, he offered another lesson in what has been an intensive if unintentional seminar on the social construction of race

Posted on: Apr 19, 2010, Source: The Nation

Those who yearn for a postracial America hoped Obama had transcended blackness, but the real threat he poses to the American racial order is that he disrupts whiteness.

Posted on: Mar 23, 2010, Source: The Nation

Attacks on black and gay members of Congress over healthcare have prompted comparisons to the civil rights movement. In fact, we need to move the historical lens further back.

Posted on: Jan 18, 2010, Source: The Nation

Martin Luther King Jr. was a strategic political leader. He was a realist whose choices were often upsetting and unpalatable to those on his left -- much like Obama.

Posted on: Jan 11, 2010, Source: The Nation

If we weeded out every lawmaker guilty of racial insensitivity, Congress would be empty. A far bigger problem is the structures of inequality reflected in gaffes like Reid's.

Posted on: Dec 23, 2009, Source:

The film, which features Disney's first African-American princess, supplies admirable political allegory.

Posted on: Dec 21, 2009, Source:

Just as white Americans are learning to live in a world with a black president, it is time for white children to wait with anticipation for a black man to bring benevolent gifts.

Posted on: Nov 29, 2009, Source: The Nation

With Michelle Obama in the White House, I expected a resurgence of the Claire Huxtable stereotype. Instead, hideous depictions of abusive, irresponsible black moms are everywhere.

Posted on: Nov 3, 2009, Source:

Black Americans have become more supportive of Obama since he's endured racially motivated attacks. So why haven't whites?

Posted on: Oct 19, 2009, Source: The Nation

We must do more than simply re-integrate new groups into an old system. We need to seriously consider our assumptions about the system itself.

Posted on: Sep 23, 2009, Source: The Nation

Racism is not the the sole domain of Republicans, Conservatives or Southerners. Being liberal does not give you a free pass on racial politics.

Posted on: Jul 22, 2009, Source:

In a moment of overzealous policing, an officer in Cambridge handcuffed and detain a living embodiment of post-racial possibility.