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Megan Tady is a National Political Reporter for Previously, she worked as a reporter for the NewStandard, where she published nearly 100 articles in one year. Megan has also written for Clamor, CommonDreams, E Magazine, Maisonneuve, PopandPolitics, and Reuters. subscribe to Megan Tady's feed

Posted on: Nov 1, 2010, Source: In These Times

The merits of female candidacies should be based solely on experience and policy positions, regardless of their party affiliation or ideology.

Posted on: May 3, 2010, Source: Free Press

It appears Obama's head of the FCC is wavering to pressure from the largest cable and phone companies, against universal internet access.

Posted on: Mar 11, 2010, Source: FAIR

Our media powerhouses aren’t ready to evolve, and they’re prepared to sabotage content, creativity and innovation to avoid doing so.

Posted on: Jul 20, 2009, Source: AlterNet

"I want an Internet that gives everyone an opportunity to create their own content, and go wherever they choose on the Web."

Posted on: Apr 13, 2009, Source: Internet for Everyone

Even in some of our most tech-savvy wired cities, millions of people do not have high-speed Internet in their homes or businesses.

Posted on: Mar 3, 2009, Source: Internet for Everyone

A documentary series on the digital divide in America with interviews reveals the vital social and economic justice role internet access plays.

Posted on: Nov 23, 2007, Source: AlterNet

A new technology to capture carbon from power plants and store it underground has been dubbed a miracle cure for global warming. But critics think it puts us in more danger.

Posted on: Oct 11, 2007, Source: The American Prospect

A slow wheel is beginning to turn in Congress in favor of forcing Big Pharma to disclose the amount of change it's dropping into doctors' pockets.

Posted on: Sep 17, 2007, Source: In These Times

How current policies favor giant shipping companies and agribusinesses over the starving populations they are supposed to serve.

Posted on: Sep 2, 2007, Source: In These Times

A recent victory for coal plants in Texas is just another reminder of how "compromise" with polluters won't get the environmental movement anywhere.

Posted on: Aug 3, 2007, Source: In These Times

In the battle over whether the people or corporations should control public water, residents of Stockton, Calif., won a huge victory.

Posted on: Apr 16, 2007, Source: The NewStandard

A new report shows a dramatic increase in greenhouse-gas emissions in the United States since 1990.

Posted on: Mar 19, 2007, Source: The NewStandard

While the U.S. government and some corporations are finally acknowledging global climate change, some critics say partnering with such forces may "tame" the movement's goals and strategies.

Posted on: Mar 5, 2007, Source: The NewStandard

As the ice they depend on for their way of life melts away around them, indigenous people of the Arctic are taking a crack at Washington in international court.

Posted on: Feb 9, 2007, Source: The NewStandard

Suspicious of government assurances that a planned desert explosion in Utah will not rekindle radioactive fallout from past events, Westerners and Native Americans want the plan halted.

Posted on: Aug 29, 2006, Source: The NewStandard

Bayer CropScience kept it a secret that its genetically modified rice contaminated public food supplies. The government was only too happy to help.

Posted on: Aug 20, 2006, Source: The NewStandard

Right now, there is no standardized federal preparedness plan for disabled people, so when a Katrina-level disaster strikes again, many will be left in the cold.

Posted on: Aug 1, 2006, Source: The NewStandard

The IRS has announced a drastic cut in staff who audit the tax returns of the super-rich -- Bush's gift to his wealthy supporters.

Posted on: May 22, 2004, Source: WireTap

All across the country, college students are being denied the right to vote in their adopted hometowns -- effectively banning them from local politics.

Posted on: Apr 25, 2004, Source: WireTap

The Oregon Bus Project is the free-wheeling, grassroots-shaking, democracy-flouting, politically-charged answer to what a small group of progressive activists saw as a crisis in their state.