Bush White House Explicitly Approved Torture

Lest we forget the pure, unadulterated lust for power and disregard for human rights and the Constitution that marks the Bush Administration:

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Renegade Ex-Nuns Raise Hell In Poland

This post, written by Zuzu, originally appeared on Feministe

You gotta love any story that involves the phrase "rebellious ex-nuns." And it's kind of a doozy, too.
KAZIMIERZ DOLNY, Poland (AP) -- Police evicted 65 rebellious ex-nuns Wednesday from a convent they illegally occupied for two years after defying a Vatican order to replace their mother superior, a charismatic leader who had religious visions.
The defeated nuns walked out in their black habits -- some carrying guitars, drums and tambourines -- after a locksmith opened the gate to the walled compound and police in riot gear rushed in and arrested the mother superior. A former Franciscan friar who had locked himself away with the nuns also was taken into custody.
Several nuns, many of whom appeared to be in their 20s, screamed at police, calling them ''servants of Satan," as they were escorted out and into waiting buses.
God forbid that a bunch of nuns might have some opinions on who to follow:
The women took over the convent in Kazmierz Dolny in eastern Poland in rebellion against a Vatican order in 2005 to replace Jadwiga Ligocka as mother superior.
"They were disobedient," said Mieczyslaw Puzewicz, a spokesman for the Lublin diocese of the Roman Catholic Church. The Vatican formally expelled the women from their Sisters of Bethany order last year, but has revealed almost nothing about the dispute.
The problem, apparently, is that Ligocka has become a powerful figure to these nuns. Er, ex-nuns. Because once you start being disobedient, you have no place in the Catholic Church hierarchy.

A Case of 9/11 Fatigue

This post, written by Zuzu, originally appeared on Feministe

You all know I'm a crank. So let me get cranky: I'm really fucking sick of 9/11.

I'm tired of talking about it, I'm tired of hearing about it, I'm tired of Giuliani's continuing relevance because of it, I'm tired of discussing it on first dates six years on, I'm tired of the fighting over the fucking hole in the ground, I'm tired of the delays on reconstruction, I'm tired of the political posturing, I'm tired of the political mileage the conservatives get out of it, I'm tired of each new video by Osama Bin Laden (seriously, isn't he supposed to be on dialysis in a cave somewhere? Shouldn't he be dead by now?), I'm tired of George Bush, I'm tired of no-fly lists, I'm tired of security theater, I'm tired of tiny bottles of shampoo in clear baggies and checking my shoes.

I'm tired of every little failure of infrastructure in this city having to have the "There was no evidence of terrorism" disclaimer, I'm tired of feeling like there's a giant bullseye painted on my hometown, I'm tired of the games played with antiterror money, I'm tired of bedwetters driving our foreign policy, I'm tired of the exceptionalism (like nobody ever had any kind of terrorist attack before).
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