Vaughn Davis Bornet

A 101-Year-Old Historian Makes a Desperate Plea: The Amateur in the Oval Office Has to Go - And Soon

By now, many of you are familiar with the outcries of Ashland, Oregon’s elderly scholar. Living on (now past 101), he can’t help noticing what’s happening to the Executive Branch of the government of the United States. He’s not happy! Nothing at Emory, Georgia, or Stanford, apparently, prepared him for today’s spectacle of government by guesswork. So here he is again, this time close to fulminating….

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Why We Can't Be Sweden: A Historian Explains How America's Brand of Socialism Is Totally Unique

As the 2016 presidential election moves along through the coming conventions to Election Day itself, interest in “Socialism” has grown in our society somewhat in proportion to the apparent successes in the primaries of Bernie Sanders of Vermont, second term U.S. senator and 16 years a Socialist claiming congressman.

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