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GOP Candidate Paul Nehlen Suspended from Twitter for Virulently Racist Tweet

GOP Candidate Paul Nehlen Suspended From Twitter

Twitter has suspended the account of alt-right GOP candidate Paul Nehlen after he was accused of racism for a tweet about Meghan Markle, fiancée of British royal Prince Harry. ... of Cheddar Man, an ancient Briton who experts now believe was dark skinned after conducting DNA tests on his 9,000 year old remains. Twitter had not responded to a Newsweek request for comment on Nehlen's ...

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Trump Now Claims Access Hollywood Tape Is Fake: Last Year He Apologized for It and Dismissed It as 'Locker Room Talk'

President Donald Trump now claims that the Access Hollywood tape on which he boasted of sexually assaulting women may not be genuine, according to a report in The New York Times. On the tape, which surfaced weeks before the November 2016 presidential election, the former reality star can be heard bragging to TV presenter Billy Bush…

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George H.W. Bush Issues Public Apology After Being Accused of Sexual Assault

Former President George H.W. Bush has apologized for an “attempt at humor” after being accused of sexual assault by actress Heather Lind. Lind, in a now-deleted Instagram post Tuesday, accused Bush, 93, of touching her from behind during a photo-op while in his wheelchair. She said Bush’s wife, Barbara, was standing beside him during the 2014…

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Mississippi School Board Bans Landmark Work of American Literature

The decision by a Mississippi school district board to pull Harper Lee’s To Kill A Mockingbird from approved school reading lists has drawn widespread criticism. The 1960 Pulitzer Prize winning novel by Alabama native Harper Lee explores racism and injustice in a small town, however according to Kenny Holoway, the vice president of the Biloxi school district, the novel contains language that "makes people uncomfortable."

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Judge Read Out Names of 20 Murdered Cats Before Sentencing their Killer to 16 Years in Prison

A man who pleaded guilty to stealing, torturing and killing 18 cats in San Jose, California, was sentenced Friday to 16 years in county jail. During the sentencing the name of every cat killed by the defendant, Robert Farmer, was read aloud by a judge, to remind Farmer of the crimes he had committed, reported NBC…

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Americans' View of Israel Is Getting Worse By the Day

The more Americans know about Israel, the less they like about it, according to a new survey. The Brand Israel group has commissioned regular surveys in its bid to promote the image of Israel as a key ally to America in the Middle East. While more Americans said they are more knowledgeable about `Israel than before,…

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CNN Rejects Trump 'Fake News' Ad

CNN has refused to run a Donald Trump campaign ad because it contained a graphic in which mainstream media organizations were branded “fake news,” the network said Tuesday. The head of Trump’s campaign committee criticized the network for not running the ad, which focuses on the president’s first 100 days in office. “It is absolutely shameful…

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