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Blogs Boost Gay Southern Teen

On May 29, this short blog post launched a nationwide outcry. The young man who posted it, 16-year-old Zack, had no idea, and may still have no idea, how many people have been moved by his story.

It started when Zack told his parents he was gay. It ended, or stalled, when they sent him off to a Christian "reparative therapy" camp that aims to turn gay kids into straight kids.

The Republic of T, a blog run by Terrence Heath, has a series of posts about Zack, and has been one of many voices calling for an investigation into these ex-gay camps, and calling for Zack's release.

In this radio story, Jerry Trowbridge highlights the wide-ranging effects of Zack's blog posts, as well as dissecting the world of Christian gay therapy programs.

Although Zack may still be locked away at camp, his posts have led to investigations into these programs, and he may never know just how wide a protest his pained, passionate blog posts have actually created.

Jerry Trowbridge is a guest commentator for This Way Out Radio. He also produces a podcast at


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