The Ecologist

Why Human Rights Are Also Animal Rights

Since we humans are an animal species, it is obvious that human rights are a form of animal rights; and that animal rights include—or should include—the human species.

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GMO 2.0? 'Gene-Editing' Technology on the Rise

There has been a lot in the news recently about the ethics of gene editing in humans.

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This Women's Collective Is Using Agroecology to Fight India's Green Revolution

For the women farmers of Tamil Nadu life has long been a struggle, all the more so following the advent of 'Green Revolution' industrial agriculture. So now women's collectives are organizing to restore traditional foods and farming methods, resulting in lower costs, higher yields, improved nutrition and a rekindling of native Tamil culture.

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Why We Really Do Need Nuclear Power

[Faced with the task of decarbonizing our electricity supply, it would be foolish to rule nuclear power out of the mix, writes Baroness Worthington, a British environmental campaigner and Labour life peer in the House of Lords, in her reply to Dr. Becky Martin, whose open letter was published in The Ecologist.]

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Monsanto Herbicide Faces Global Fallout After World Health Organization Labels It a Probable Carcinogen

The World Health Organization's official recognition of the health damage caused by glyphosate, the world's most widely used herbicide, is having ramifications around the world. National governments are moving to restrict the chemical, campaigns to ban it are intensifying, and now 'Roundup Ready' GMO crops are coming under the regulatory spotlight.

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As Chipotle Goes GMO-free, Monsanto's Worst Fear Is Coming True - and Corporate Media Is Freaking Out

The decision of the Chipotle restaurant chain to make its product lines GMO-free is not most people's idea of a world-historic event. Especially since Chipotle, by US standards, is not a huge operation.

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Uprising Grows Against Fracking in a Surprising Part of Europe

"Do you think they're about to have sex?", one of the group whispers. I'm in Transylvania, crouched in the bushes with a bunch of activists in balaclavas, taking turns to speculate why a car has crept to a halt close to where we are hiding out. "No, it must be the cops, you can see the light from the mobile phone", another one says. Time to move on.

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