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Returned Badges, Presidential Opposition: Backlash to the Boy Scouts' Anti-Gay Policies

Scouting is in Will Partin's blood. He joined the Cub Scouts with a group of grade school friends, soon taking the first of many camping trips and completing craft projects at weekly den meetings. In fifth grade he continued with the Boy Scouts, moving up through the scout ranks and earning more than 20 merit badges. His favorite was the cycling badge, for which he frequently rode along the Silver Comet Trail near Atlanta, Ga.

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4 Ways the Feds Are Attacking the Perfectly Legal Medical Marijuana Industry

At the moment 16 states and Washington DC have legalized medical cannabis, providing safe access to patients, creating thousands of jobs and pumping millions of dollars in tax revenue into struggling state and local economies. Some of those state and local governments are working with their medical cannabis providers to adopt common-sense regulations and to cut down the potential for abuse -- with varying degrees of success.

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14 Kinds of Jobs Sustained By Marijuana

The U.S. job market, to use a purely academic term, sucks. A net of zero jobs were created in August. Dismal prospects face the 25.3 million Americans who are unemployed, underemployed, or who have given up their job search --- so could you blame any of them for calming their anxiety by smoking a bowl of their favorite bud?

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Why the Marijuana Industry Needs to Get a Lot Greener

There's a budding movement urging cannabis growers to ask themselves: How green is your grass?

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Broke? Try Selling Pot

Tony slams shut the trunk and climbs into the driver's seat. He sets his phone down on the console and turns the ignition. I sit in the passenger seat. Tony is a lot like any other 20-something California guy. His cell phone buzzes constantly. He's working on a college degree. He has a girlfriend. He's even started his own business.

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Why I Chucked My Mormon Faith and Became an Atheist

My faith died in a public library.

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