Susie Coston

Millions of Newborn Chicks and Ducklings Are Being Sent Through the Mail - Just Like Books, Clothing and Electronics

As impossible as it sounds, millions of newborn chicks and ducklings are being sent through the mail just like books, clothing and electronics, treated as if they were inanimate objects. Barely a day old, these helpless birds are packed in dark boxes without food or water and sent on harrowing cross-country journeys that take up to 72 hours.

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These Cows Were Drowning in Their Own Waste - Now They've Found a Loving Home (Video)

A supporter of Farm Sanctuary recently reached out to us regarding 10 cattle who were the victims of cruelty and neglect in Chester County, PA. Nine calves had died in a barn, and the remaining 10 cattle in the building were being removed. 

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The Incredible, Amazing True Journey of a Pig Named Julia (Video)

While coming home on a plane from California, between flights, I received a call from our placement coordinator about a pig at a factory farm who was being removed from the facility after an audio tape was made of her being beaten.

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Tofu the Chicken: Shipped Through the Mail, Abandoned at a Post Office, Now Thriving at Sanctuary (Video)

Few things can bring a smile to our faces quite as fast as the mention of our good friend and longtime Farm Sanctuary resident, Tofu Chicken. Tofu’s name not only makes us think of an ingredient featured in many compassionate meals, it also reminds us how big a difference we can make in the lives of others when we choose to put compassion first.

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Watch: This 3D Virtual Tour of America's Largest Farm Animal Sanctuary Is Pure Summer Fun

Imagine yourself transported to a place where peace and happiness are the norm. Everywhere you look, animals who were once too terrified to move or too weak to stand are romping in pastures with their friends and family, free to spend the rest of their lives on their own terms.

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