Steven Freeman

Independent Exit Pollsters Seek Volunteers

Citizens are still needed to volunteer for a citizen-run independent exit polling project (EVEP) on Election Day.

The data obtained will be analyzed on Election Night and serve as a measure of the legitimacy of the announced outcomes. In the past two presidential elections, Edison-Mitofsky, the polling company that runs the official exit polls commissioned by the media consortium, has released only adjusted data that conform to the announced election outcomes and has withheld the raw data.

This EVEP project is essential to verify the accuracy of the official results. Our raw data -- which we hope you will help us collect -- as well as the analysis and the full protocol, will be made fully available to the public. The citizen-managed polls will be run by a strict protocol and training will be provided. Shifts will probably average 4 to 6 hours.

Volunteers are needed to hand out questionnaires and ask voters to fill them in and deposit in a locked box. Other volunteers are needed for data entry. Can you help us with this important project to assure an honest election? Volunteers are needed in New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Ohio, New Mexico, Colorado, Michigan and California. If so, please sign up immediately here.

If you would like to take a leadership role for your area, we can offer all the instructions, training, questionnaire, data analysis, and professional infrastructure. Please contact Ryan or Sally (below). Questions? Contact Ryan Herlinger at, or Sally Castleman at, Volunteer Project Coordinators.

The EVEP protocol was developed by Election Integrity's Steven Freeman (University of Pennsylvania), Election Defense Alliance's Dr. Jonathan Simon, and Ken Warren of The Warren Poll. Both the methodology and the logistics have been beta tested.

Independent Exit Pollsters in Swing States Seek Volunteers

Editor's note: this effort is seeking volunteers to help with polling voters on November 4.

On Tuesday November 4, 2008, Election Integrity, together with Election Defense Alliance and The Warren Poll, will be conducting its third Election Verification Exit Poll (EVEP).

Most of you reading this message are well aware of precipitous trends in America, and also that a key reason for why we're on the edge is the corruption of our electoral processes. But most Americans, and even many of you, still have no idea of the extent to which they are corrupted. Despite rude awakenings in several recent Novembers, the relentless fictions propounded by both major political parties, the media and other purported guardians of the system has lulled America back to into a stupor. As a nation, we continue to view the spectacle of electoral politics from the grandstands where we cheer, root or boo while gorging on nutritionless calories. If all goes according to plan, we'll enjoy the show and then go to sleep entertained and addle-brained assuming all is, if not well, then at least as it must be.

But although the system is corrupt on every flank, an overwhelming majority of Americans still believe deeply in democracy and understand how election integrity underpins our rights and our future. By exposing corrupted processes and participating politically as opposed to simply spectating, we may yet assert influence and gain some control over the destiny of our country. Indeed, despite a battle of no money versus billions, we are making a difference. The term "election integrity" has entered the lexicon. Since December 2004, hundreds of groups loosely known as the election integrity movement have formed. We likely had a material impact in 2006 when, for the first time in many election cycles, fraud may well have been restrained. In states such as Ohio, Pennsylvania, and California where our groups have been most active - egregious past results have not been repeated and/or proponents of election reform have won.

EVEPs hold perhaps the greatest promise for impact of any technique. The Bush administration has testified that they helped fund exit polls abroad because it is one of the only ways to expose large-scale fraud. Indeed, discrepancies between exit polls and the official results have been used to successfully overturn election results in Serbia, Peru, the Republic of Georgia and, in November 2004, Ukraine.
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