Stephanie Russell-Kraft

How the Christian Right Manufactures Martyrs for Their Phony 'Religious Freedom' Crusade

On May 12, the conservative advocacy group Alliance Defending Freedom introduced the newest Christian martyrs in the fight over LGBT anti-discrimination laws: Breanna Koski and Joanna Duka, the two young owners of the Phoenix-based stationary and calligraphy studio, Brush & Nib.

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That Seemingly Harmless Paper You Signed When You Were Hired Can Bite You in the Ass

I showed up to work early on the morning of September 24 in order to squeeze in a round of calls before jury deliberations continued in the law firm fraud trial I was covering. Five hours later, I was packing up the desk I had only just moved into. I was fired after just weeks on the job because of a piece of paper I had blindly signed two years before.

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