Stephanie Merritt

2017's Word of the Year Perfectly Captures the Past 12 Months in Trump's America

"Fake news!” He shouts it so often that it’s become meaningless. We’ve learned to tune it out now, the way you do when your toddler bangs their fists on their high chair and yells “toast!” for so long the word has become divorced from the thing they thought they wanted, it’s just turned into a noise that means “give me attention!”

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The Mystery of MH370 Goes to the Heart of Our Fears

The satirical website the Onion said it best on Thursday. The investigation into the fate of flight MH370 had been widened, it declared, "to encompass not only the possibilities of mechanical failure, pilot error, terrorist activity or a botched hijacking, but also the overarching scope of space, time and humankind's place in the universe".

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