Sarah Jeong

Silicon Valley Is Shockingly Regressive on Diversity Issues

In the back-and-forth about technological "disruption" – and the implications for economic progress and social good – technology is often pitted against people. Doctors, teachers and taxi-drivers, after all, aren't the same as hard drives, and many find the effects of "disruption" on people, and the institutions that govern the relationships between them, to be unpalatable.

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What Happens If Four Other New York Times Columnists - And Malcolm Gladwell - Get Really High?

Thomas L Friedman eats weed brownies with his daughter's roommate at Yale and has a bad time

Reminds me of the last time I visited Thailand. What a country! What a place! Full of life, and moisture, like this brownie. Kids these days don't eat brownies like we used to in the old days. The brownies of our time were unicycles. These brownies are tricycles. But tricycles are obsolete. Or are they?

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