Ridgeley A. Mu'min

The Grinch Who Stole My Vote

It was 6 months before X-mas in the senate and house,
Not a creature was honest, donkey, elephant or mouse.
Seattle had passed and Nader was running,
The "Power of the People" was growing so the devils got gunning.

The donkey and elephant got together to debate,
How can we rig this race and secure the two-party's fate?
It does not matter who wins as long as the third party dies,
We must break this progressive movement right before their dark eyes.

We hear that Farrakhan is calling a million families to the mall,
We hear that Nader is calling for the corporations to fall.
We know that them 'niggas' may come out like roaches to vote,
We can't let them hook up with them revolutionary folk.

Okay, if you let Bush come in through the year 2000 door,
We'll set up Gore to be the 'niggas' hero in 2004.
We'll throw out enough 'niggas' to make it seem close,
Then blame Nader for running and make him the scapegoat.

But hold on, hold on, when them 'niggas' see Bush,
They ain't going to the malls to give us our X-mas.
Let it drag through the courts all through November,
Then Gore will lay down like a lamb in December."

In the meantime we must fix the voting machines in the nation,
To make sure they won't read instant runoff voting or proportional representation.
As long as the people don't know their electoral choices,
We can keep them in bondage and shut up alternative voices.

We must protect the foundation, our Electoral College,
Because the popular vote will kick us out when they get the knowledge,
A 'nigga' might run in 2000 and four,
So we must keep the power to close the damned door.

This plan is too good, we've outdone ourselves now,
Let's put it in motion and make the dumb workers bow.
Four years is but a small sacrifice for our corporate "Beast",
And make our cattle thankful to be eaten at its "feast"?

Two parties, two parties,
We must keep two parties,
Let the fools choose
Cause they always will lose.

New money, old money
We still got the money,
No matter who wins,
We own them both, honey.