Richard Hahn

Establish a Department of Peace

1. Establish a Department of Peace, to have a permanently linked liaison relationship with State and Justice, and have a permanent appointee as Associate U.N. Ambassador with State, and an Associate AG, to assure a balanced effort against violence and for peace at home and abroad.
2. Elevate the FCC to departmental status (Department of Public Communication) to put some teeth into the fact that "the airwaves belong to the people."  Freedom of the Press and Freedom of Speech must also include the public's right to Freedom of Seeing & Hearing.  Owners of newspapers, newsmagazines, radio, and television stations MUST serve the public's interests EQUALLY with serving owners and advertisers' interests.
3. Compose a new Federal Election Agency (within the Dept. of Public Comm.) composed of representatives from ALL political parties, balanced with equal representation from independents, and NGO organizations such as the League of Women Voters, Common Cause, Public Citizen, and other non-partisan organizations, to give oversight to ALL electoral matters, including but not limited to enforcement of election laws, primary schedules, debates, voting procedures, conducting perpetual, year round, regional and/ state non-partisan town meetings for the benefit of ALL citizens, etc.

Happy Holidays!