Rachel Kramer Bussel

The Anthony Weiner Scandal Trainwreck: Why We Can’t Stop Gawking at His Baffling Lack of Judgment

Former Congressman Anthony Weiner begins the documentary “Weiner,” released earlier this year, after mumbling about the fact that he’s even participating in such a film, by directly addressing the camera and calmly stating, “I guess the punch line is true about me. I did the things, but I did a lot of other things.” That may be true, but Weiner has now guaranteed that his prophetic name will be forever synonymous with his sexting scandals, given his most recent round of images, sent to a “busty brunette” and exposed in today’s New York Post.

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Why the Media Judged Amy Schumer and Lena Dunham's Book Deals So Differently

Yesterday, news broke that Amy Schumer had returned a $1 million book advance, with interest, to HarperCollins in order to hold out for and successfully negotiate a new book deal worth $8-$10 million with Gallery Books.

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