Peter Ludlow

Why Is an Investigative Journalist in Jail for Doing His Job?

Journalist Barrett Brown spent his 300th day behind bars this week on a range of charges filed after he used information obtained by the hacker group Anonymous to report on the operations of private intelligence firms. Brown faces 17 charges ranging from threatening an FBI agent to credit card fraud for posting a link online to a document that contained stolen credit card data. But according to his supporters, Brown is being unfairly targeted for daring to investigate the highly secretive world of private intelligence and military contractors. Using information Anonymous took from the firm HBGary Federal, Brown helped discover a secret plan to tarnish the reputations of WikiLeaks and journalist Glenn Greenwald of The Guardian. Brown similarly analyzed and wrote about the millions of internal company emails from Stratfor Global Intelligence that were leaked in 2011. 

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10 Ways Hackers Have Punked Corporations and Oppressive Governments

WikiLeaks and Julian Assange have been much in the news lately, but hacktivism -- the nontraditional use of computing technology to advance political causes -- has been around for a long time. Here we offer a primer on 10 of the most significant hacktivist actions of all time.

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Hackers Are Screwing With Oppressive Regimes All Over the World Just Like Wikileaks

In recent months there has been considerable discussion about the WikiLeaks phenomenon, and understandably so, given the volume and sensitivity of the documents the website has released. What this discussion has revealed, however, is that the media and government agencies believe there is a single protagonist to be concerned with -- something of a James Bond villain, if you will -- when in fact the protagonist is something altogether different: an informal network of revolutionary individuals bound by a shared ethic and culture.

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