Paul Shapiro

The 20th Century Called: It's Wondering Why the Pork Industry Never Left

Somewhere out there, there are still people shoving VHS tapes into VCRs, re-spooling the ribbons in their frazzled cassette tapes to render them playable. And don't be surprised if you see rabbit-ear antennas on their televisions. Some people, it seems, just can't leave the 20th century behind.

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United Egg Producers Recruits Kids In Its Sordid Campaign Against Animal Welfare

It's no secret that the United Egg Producers (UEP), the egg industry's primary trade association, has a sordid record when it comes to animal welfare. More on that in a bit. What's less well known is the group's new effort to mislead children in its seemingly never-ending crusade against cage-free egg producers. 

The UEP recently put out what it's calling “kid-friendly” messaging about the benefits of confining egg-laying hens on factory farms inside battery cages. As you can see from the UEP's cartoon below, the lobby group represents its cage-using members' interests by telling kids that birds prefer “dry, warm” cages as opposed to freedom of movement and the ability to engage in natural behavior. (More cartoons in the same vein are at the above link.)

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