Patrick Lawrence

What’s Going to Happen When Assad Wins the War in Syria?

Given the unexpected pace of events in recent weeks, the end of Syria’s seven-year agony appears to be very near. It is now all but certain that Bashar al–Assad’s government will win its long war with Sunni jihadists and their foreign supporters. The focus in Syria already turns from conflict, casualty counts, and displacement to reconciliation, resettlement, and reconstruction.

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Is the U.S. About to Give Up on Its Lawless and Catastrophic Adventure in Syria?

The crisis in Syria, now seven years running, is on the brink of a decisive turn. In a short while, the Assad government will either succeed or fail in its efforts to restore Syrian sovereignty in the most significant areas of the country, the U.S. will acknowledge its years of disastrous mistakes or drift toward more or less open intervention, and Israel will either escalate or reduce its long-running aggressions on Syrian soil.

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North Korean Peace Talks Should Be Supported - Even When Trump Is the President

It is now more than two weeks since the Trump–Kim summit in Singapore, and still Americans have not come to terms with precisely what happened that fateful day. Let me put this plainly: Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un just took the most daring and potentially consequential diplomatic stride of our century. This nation’s resolute refusal to mark such an achievement, evident as soon as the summit concluded, is two things: It is pitiful and it is very worrisome, points to which I will return.

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American Policy Totally Failed in Syria - Let's Be Thankful

I kept hearing National Public Radio programs this week to the effect that liberals and “progressives,” not to mention those in the honorable “Resistance,” dreaded talking about politics over Thanksgiving dinner. Leave it to NPR, they took opinion surveys to make the point. One understands: Who wants to hear from Trump-supporting Uncle Harry about the fatal arrogance of liberal righteousness and how “Russiagate” now tips into vaudeville? It would be “stressful,” as one radio presenter put it.

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Shades of the Cold War: How the DNC Fabricated a Russian Hacker Conspiracy to Deflect Blame for Its Email Scandal

Now wait a minute, all you upper-case “D” Democrats. A flood light suddenly shines on your party apparatus, revealing its grossly corrupt machinations to fix the primary process and sink the Sanders campaign, and within a day you are on about the evil Russians having hacked into your computers to sabotage our elections — on behalf of Donald Trump, no less?

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