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Drug Courts Ignore Both Science and Patients’ Rights When it Comes to Addiction Treatment

Drug courts are promoted as a more humane alternative to incarceration for people who use drugs in the United States. But in our recent study, we found judges in New York were ordering patients to stop treatment with methadone or buprenorphine as a condition of participation in, or graduation from the drug court. This practice is unjust, ungrounded in medical evidence, and bad for patients and the public.

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Debunking the Conservative Myth that People Are Giving Themselves HIV

There are two stories about people who inject drugs—both urban legends with no base in reality—that I have heard in virtually every country I work. The first is that people are injecting themselves with HIV to get government benefits. The second is that people who inject drugs are intentionally leaving or using needles to infect other people.

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Here's Why Drug Policy Reform Is Gaining Momentum

How do governments know drug enforcement is working? Generally by measuring seizures, arrests, and convictions—based on the assumption that the more drugs are confiscated, and the more drug users and dealers are imprisoned, the fewer drugs will be available.

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“This Is Not What I Became a Cop For” Says NYC Police Officer of Stop-And-Frisk [VIDEO]

How can we end the abuse of stop-and-frisk practices? “It’s simple,” says New York City police officer Adhyl Polanco. “Don’t stop the innocent people.”

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Ohio Judge Prescribes a Controversial Drug Treatment

The following article was originally posted by the Open Society Foundations:

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