Nicholas Graham

South Carolina Sheriff Says Michael Phelps Could Face Pot Charges

Michael Phelps has so far emerged unscathed from the controversy created by the photo showing him smoking from a bong, with his sponsors still standing behind him. However, he still could face criminal charges if it's determined that he was smoking marijuana, which shouldn't be too difficult considering there's a photo and Phelps has already confessed:

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RNC Head Slams Rival Over Racist Obama Song

Click here to hear the offensive song and get caught up on this story.

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Would Passing Universal Health Care Kill the GOP?

Barack Obama's selection of Tom Daschle as Health and Human Services Secretary, as well as "health reform czar," signals that the incoming president is serious about passing comprehensive healthcare reform. Over at the think tank Cato, Michael Cannon warns that blocking any such legislation is vital for the GOP's survival (h/t Kos):

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