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Saudi Arabia and Qatar: The Kingdoms of Slave Labor and Human Rights Abuses

In the past few decades, Qatar and Saudi Arabia have seen their influence, both regional and global, grow rapidly. The extraordinary wealth of both oil-rich nations give them a lot of say and sway far beyond the Gulf area. Both Kingdoms have used their tremendous power of the purse, given by oil revenues, to gain a geopolitical clout that allows them to push their conservative and repressive brand of Islam. As early as in the 1980s, the Saudis, together with the CIA, were financing and arming the Jihadists: the so-called freedom fighters of the Reagan era who fought the Soviets in Afghanistan.

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Life on $2 a Day: US Extreme Poverty on the Rise

A fast-growing group of people in the United States, households with children, are living on $2.00 or less per person per day. This shocking condition in a wealthy country such as the US is formally labeled “extreme poverty” by a World Bank metric that gauges poverty “based on the standards of the world’s poorest countries.” Since poor Americans live in a rich country, they have traditionally been excluded from this official estimate of dire poverty in the world.

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Are We Too Dumb for Democracy? The Logic Behind Self-Delusion

A recent cognitive study, as reported by the Boston Globe, concluded that:

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52 Year Old Who Came to US as a Toddler to be Deported

Mike Burrows came to America when he was two years old, and has lived here for 50 years. Due to a technicality in harsh anti-immigration laws, he will likely be deported to his birthplace of Canada within weeks, a country that he has no current connection to and no memory of.

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Massachusetts Voters Ready To Legalize Marijuana In 2012

Voters in Massachusetts appear to be ready to legalize marijuana in 2012, according to an analysis of the votes on local cannabis legalization advisory ballot questions last Tuesday.

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10 Funniest Videos Mocking Glenn Beck

From Jon Stewart to South Park, from SNL to Donald Duck, there are dozens of great satirical skits of Glenn Beck on the internet. Perhaps it’s because he is so easy to mock, perhaps it is his extremist, paranoid rants, perhaps he is just a lying douchenozzle. Whatever the case, here are the Top 10 on the entire internet.

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LA Sheriff Pledges to Bust People for Pot Even If Marijuana Is Legalized in California

Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca said on Friday that the voters don’t matter. His deputies’ enforcement of marijuana laws would not change even if voters approved Proposition 19, which would legalize cannabis in California, on November 2, according to the Sheriff.

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Right-Wing Digg Scheme Just One Example of Widespread Effort to Censor Progressive Media

DiggGate is a large scale operation of censorship was just exposed on following an undercover investigation. This is far from the first, and certainly will not be the last time a conservative group is caught red handed attempting to decide for everyone what to read and think, in fact, it has a very long history.

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