Nathan Runkle

This New Year's Resolution Makes a Difference to Your Body and the Planet

This year has been nothing short of chaotic. Wildfires and hurricanes have wreaked untold destruction, while society seems increasingly heated and out of control. No matter one’s political affiliation, the mere act of reading the news can induce anxiety and arouse confusion about how one person can actually make a difference. As we draft our New Year’s resolutions––to improve ourselves and our communities––one item we can all add that will indeed make a difference is simply to go vegan. Hear me out.

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Big Food Is Starting to Worry About a Millennial Generation That's Not So Into Animal Products

Hundreds of leaders from fast-food chains, marketing agencies and poultry production companies recently gathered in North Carolina for the 2017 Chicken Marketing Summit to play golf and figure out how to make you eat more animals.

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Here Are the Legal Loopholes That Allow Farmed Animals to Be Abused and Killed

Historically, many social movements have advanced legal protections for certain marginalized groups by exposing contradictions. If white people should have the freedom to live unchained, so should black people, who are no different in any relevant way. If men should have the power to vote, so should women, who are just as intelligent and competent. And if heterosexual people should have the right to marry, so should gay people, because love is love.

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