Nan Mooney

Talking to My White Children About Race

My seven-year-old daughter came home from school several months ago and told me she had a class on how it’s okay to be different. This is great, I thought. She attends a diverse and progressive public school in Arlington, Virginia. Clearly they were taking steps to talk to the kids about race. I knew about the research that says if you don’t talk to kids about race they will create their own narratives, not always accurate and not always what you want them to absorb.

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Election '16: Work-Life Issues Have Finally Taken Center Stage

Once upon a time, phrases like maternity leave and work-life balance were relegated to the women’s pages of newspapers. But the narrative surrounding work-life issues—including paid family and sick leave, affordable childcare, and flexible and predictable work schedules—is undergoing a radical shift. As the needs of American families become a growing concern to politicians, economists, business owners, and most of all, American families, these former "women’s issues" are becoming a focal point in maintaining and growing our economic prosperity.

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My Middle-Class Existence Hangs by the Thread of Subsidized Childcare

One Thursday morning last month I took a break from my job as a journalist and freelance writer and, after dropping off my 2-year-old at his subsidized daycare, drove myself and my 10-week-old daughter across town to a cupcake shop. Our mission? To decorate Cupcake-grams that, a national non-profit that targets family and children's issues, planned to deliver to every last member of the Washington State legislature along with a note about the critical importance of early childhood care and learning.

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Will You Have Roommates for the Rest of Your Life?

Kate Duyn spent her freshman year of college living with six roommates in a tumbledown house, with dishes in the sink and pot growing in the attic.

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