Micah Uetricht

Sorry, Charter Boosters: Record Numbers of Teachers at Chicago Charter Schools Are Organizing Unions

It’s a delicious irony for teachers unions that Rauner College Prep—a Chicago charter school named after Bruce Rauner, Illinois’ virulently anti-union governor—may soon have a union.

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A Chicago Teacher Explains Why She's Willing to Risk Arrest in Order to Strike Against the Destruction of Public Schools

The Chicago Teachers Union is going on strike on Friday. But they aren’t going alone.

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I Can’t Stop Watching this Guy Disdainfully Refuse to Shake Rahm Emanuel’s Hand

Last night, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel attended a public hearing on the city’s 2016 budget, the first such meeting he has held since 2011. For a mayor who is known for holding few public events or meetings with ordinary Chicagoans, this was a unique opportunity for residents to be heard in person by Emanuel. And the opportunity was seized by a dedicated group of parents currently out on hunger strike, demanding the reopening of Dyett High School in the city’s Bronzeville neighborhood on the South Side.

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Industry Groups Attack Non-Union Labor Organizations

Worker centers and other non-union labor organizations have grown immensely over the past two decades, with some in the labor movement hoping their growth will help revive a moribund labor movement. It was perhaps inevitable, then, that the same forces working for decades to destroy unions are now launching an attack on worker centers.

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Riot Police Called as Striking Workers and Supporters Shut Down Walmart Warehouse

This story was originally published at Labor Notes.

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When Citizens Are Merely Political Spectators They Get Rolled Over by the Political Class

Two years ago, President Obama sailed into the White House on the winds of voters’ desire for widespread social change and their disgust with two wars and a massive recession associated with George W. Bush. Only two years into his presidency and the concurrent Democratic takeover of Congress, however, things are looking rough. Democrats rolled into a big majority in 2008, then got sacked in this year's midterms, losing Senate seats and the control of the House. Former excited Democratic voters were so unenthused that the president himself called them out. How, many progressives are asking, did we see the promise of hope and change rise and fall so quickly?

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