Matthew Lavallee

Jeb Bush's Cruel Economic Prescription for Americans to Work Longer Hours Is Worthless

Americans work a lot; in fact, they spend more hours on the job than workers in many other industrialized countries. But many have wondered if working even more hours might boost economic growth rates. Simply put, does working longer hours help the economy? GOP presidential candidate Jeb Bush has recently chastised American workers, saying, “People should work longer hours.” The truth is, there's not much economic justification for that view.

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The Triumph of Core American Values in the Epic Battle for a Grocery Store Chain

Over the last few years conflicts between management and labor have generated considerable press and the story lines have mostly focused on the downsizing or firing of workers. But a different narrative unfolded this summer when a battle for control of a large and profitable New England grocery chain made headlines as two cousins, Arthur T. Demoulas and Arthur S. Demoulas, fought over who would manage the growing chain of stores. Managerial control of Market Basket changed in June 2014, when Arthur S. convinced the board of directors to fire his cousin, who had been managing the company, and hire a new management team.

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