Mary O'Hara

Why Opioid Deaths Are This Generation's AIDS Crisis

Dr Daniel Ciccarone, a San Franciso-based public health researcher and physician told me of a recent encounter which, despite 17 years in the field, left him stunned. “I talked to a [heroin] user in West Virginia. Nice guy. Manages to keep his habit and keep his job. He’s 10 years out of high school. He’s 29. He went to his high school reunion. I kid you not – half of his high school class is gone. Died. It was mostly [opioid] pills and heroin.”

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Austerity Kills: The Sad, Sick Truth About Right-Wing Economics’ Body Count

Reprinted with permission from Austerity Bites: A Journey to the Sharp End of Cuts in the UK, by Mary O’Hara, © 2015 Policy Press at the University of Bristol. All rights reserved.

Austerity pushes people to the edge.

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Robert Reich: 'Austerity Is a Terrible Mistake'

The verdict on the prospect of yet more austerity is unequivocal. "The austerity narrative is nonsense – and its dangerous nonsense. It's sort of the Vietnamisation of the economy – [that] you're saving the economy by killing it."

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