Lola Gayle

Why Older Couch Potatoes Might Want to Radically Rethink Their Lifestyles

Lola Gayle, STEAM Register Sitting around on your keister all day is no way to live, and it's been proven that a sedentary lifestyle is a major risk factor for all kinds of nasty health problems, even premature death in some cases. Now, Canadian researchers are adding one more risk to that long list. According to…

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Pasta Is Not Fattening - It May Actually Help You Shed Body Mass

Lola Gayle, STEAM Register Pasta has somehow earned a bad reputation as a fattening food, and many people simply stopped eating the delicious dish, believing that it would quickly lead to weight gain. But now, Italian researchers are turning the tables on these unfounded claims, saying that pasta consumption is actually associated with a reduced likelihood…

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