Lisa Derrick

Why Is Elton John Doing a Concert to Raise Funds For an Anti-Gay Politician?

Two politicians who have consistently voted against gay rights, Reps. John Shimkus (R-IL) and Jean Schmidt (R-OH), will be holding fundraisers at the Elton John/Billy Joel Face2Face concert in Washington DC's Nationals Park July 11, reports PartyBlog.

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Germany Cracks Down on Neo-Nazi Music Ring

This week German authorities, including 800 police, raided residences and offices across the country, confiscating 45,000 CDs, more than 170 computers and some 70 weapons in a huge operation designed to stamp out the manufacture and sale of neo-Nazi themed music.

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Springsteen Snubs Unions? New CD Sold Exclusively at Wal-Mart

I thought Bruce Springsteen was pro-labor. Then I read that The Boss' Greatest Hits will be released exclusively by Wal-Mart. Okay, its only his greatest hits, which you can download anyway song by song if you have the patience. But still, wtf?

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Mormons Losing Members Over Anti-Gay Campaigns

While the Mormon Church hierarchy  was responsible for organizing millions of dollars and thousands of hours of manpower to pass California's Proposition 8 and Arizona's Prop. 102, the church's tactics haven't sat so well with some of its members -- including families, members with Mormon heritage going back 150 years, and gay members -- who began speaking out in July on the Web site 

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Stephen Baldwin Is a Liar and an Ass

The only downside of the presidential election:  Born-again Christian and McCain supporter Stephen Baldwin will not be leaving the country, which he'd promised to do if Obama was elected:

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