Lenore Skenazy

Why Do We Brand Parents "Child Abusers" for Leaving Their Kids in a Car for a Few Minutes?

You may remember this case (I wrote about it here): A mom left her son in the car for what everyone agrees was under 10 minutes to run an errand. The toddler slept through the whole “ordeal,” but the mom was found guilty of neglect, even upon appeal, when the three appellate judges ruled that they didn’t have to list the “parade of horribles” that could have happened to the child.

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'Help! My Boys Were Stopped Three Times by Police For Being Outside Unsupervised'

Recently, I got a letter that made me want to scream: A kid was stopped by the cops for riding his bike on a three-house street! But this exchange ends with … well, you’ll see. I learned something. Maybe we all will.

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