Kevin Grandia

Peabody Energy to White House: Greenhouse Gas Is Benign

In an official submission to the White House earlier this year, U.S. coal giant Peabody Energy claims that greenhouse gas is a “non-existent harm” and a “benign gas that is essential to all life.”

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Why Is Big Coal Pretending to Be the Savior of the Developing World?

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Renewable Energy Is More Promising for Jobs than Dirty Coal

Does Obama need to keep touting "clean coal" as part of the solution to America's energy and economic woes?

While coal is abundant in the United States, it is far from the clean-as-driven snow energy source that coal industry lobbyists would like us all to think and according to new report out today it is hardly the answer to America's economic problems.

The report released recently by the WorldWatch Institute finds that a transition to renewable energy sources promises significant global job gains at a time when the coal industry has been hemorrhaging jobs for years.

An estimated 2.3 million people worldwide currently work either directly in renewables or indirectly in supplier industries. The solar thermal industry employs at least 624,000 people, the wind power industry 300,000, and the solar PV industry 170,000. More than 1 million people work in the biomass and biofuels sector, while small-scale hydropower employs 39,000 individuals and geothermal employs 25,000.

Jeff Biggers points out that the coal-grown Appalachian region in West Virginia is a potential boom-town for wind power:

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