Karl Frisch

Behind the Scenes Video at 9/12 Protest Shows Fox News Producer Directing Crowd

We just received the following behind the scenes footage from an anonymous tipster showing what appears to be a Fox News producer encouraging a crowd to scream and holler during a "report" by Fox News' Griff Jenkins at the 9/12 protest:

Here's how it looked on Fox News:

We would expect that type of behavior from a producer of, say, a daytime talk show with a live studio audience like Oprah or Maury or Jerry, but from a cablenewsproducer? Really?

I guess it wasn't enough for Fox News topromote the hell out ofGlenn Beck's 9/12 death march – they also needed to incite the crowd – you know, get them nice and pumped up so they'd looked good for the cameras.

Fair & Balanced? More like Fake & Staged.


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