K.J. McElrath

Attacking the Crisis At The Source: Local Governments in Alabama and Ohio File Suit Against Opioid Distributors

Over the past three weeks, ten municipal and county-level governments in Ohio and Alabama have been filing lawsuits against three major distributors of opioid medications, citing violations of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and federal racketeering laws. Defendants are also accused of creating a public nuisance and face allegations of negligence. The most recent lawsuit was…

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Opioids and Crack: The Tale of Two Addiction Crises & Race in America

Today, opioid abuse is considered one of the most serious addiction crises society faces. However, thirty years ago, the addiction crisis was all about a different drug: a highly-addictive form of cocaine, known as crack. What is telling about American society is the stark difference in how the media, policymakers and law enforcement agencies have responded…

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Big Pharma Company Lobbies Against Legal Weed - So It Could Market Its Own Synthetic Version

Big Pharma Co. Lobbies Against Legal Weed – So It Could Market Its Own Synthetic Version

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The Volkswagen Scandal Wasn't Exposed by Regulators, but by Two Engineers Working at a Small Non-Profit Lab

German automaker Volkswagen was recently exposed for perpetrating a massive deception by installing a small device on as many as 11 million diesel-powered vehicles designed to cheat emissions tests. This egregious example of corporate malfeasance was discovered not by government regulators and inspectors, whose job it was – but by two engineers in different countries, working for a little-known non-profit laboratory.

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