Bernie Surging in the Primary Polls of Hillary's 'Safe Bet' State of South Carolina

There has been a considerable dearth of polling in South Carolina over the past month (since Sanders began to make his move). Most of the polling in South Carolina was at the end of October and beginning of November when Clinton was riding high from the first debate and her testimony before Congress on Benghazi.

During that time, many polls had Clinton up over 40 points on Sanders in South Carolina.  A CBS News/YouGov poll released today (already diaried by slinkerwink) showed Clinton up 22 over Sanders (high MOE of about 9%). The same poll showed Clinton up 36 in December (a 14 point gain for Sanders) and Clinton up 47 points in November (a 25 point gain for Sanders). Even with the high MOE, this shows a Sanders surge starting sometime in early December.

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